Developer Message

By Michael Pavarini

A Message From The Developer My Original Goal With Creating This Website Was To Improve My Own Experience On The Internet, And Save Myself Time While Surfing The Web. I Continued To Develop It Further, And Learned How To Do So, With The Intentions Of Getting Anyone Around Faster On The Internet. Regardless Of The Amount Of Time I've Spent On Development, I Know I Will Eventually Save You, Those Who Choose To Use My Site, Exponential Amounts More. I’m Not Interested In Knowing Exactly Who You Are When You Use My Website, Or When I Distribute Any Information About Its Usage. With What Trail's Head Has Become, My New Goal Is To Attain Insight Into What We All Are Interested In As A Whole, While At The Same Time Getting You Around Faster, Being Conscious Of Your Privacy, And Improving Our Internet Experience.

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Michael Pavarini

Trail's Head