Cookie Policy

Last Updated September 18th, 2020

General This Cookie Policy Is Considered As Part Of The Trail’s Head Terms And Conditions, And Is Automatically Incorporated Therein. This Cookie Policy Will Explain What Cookies Are, As Well As How Cookies And Similar Technologies Are Used On Trail’s Head, And Your Permissions And Ability To Control The Use Of These Technologies. What Are Cookies? Cookies Are Small Data Files That Are Commonly Stored On Your Computer Or Mobile Device When You Visit A Website. Cookies Are Not Harmful To Your Computer Or Mobile Device, And Do Not Recognize You Personally. Cookies Have A Wide Range Of Applications By Websites And Online Services, And Have Classifications Based On The Tasks They Help Perform. Cookies Used To Assist With Specific Website Or Online Service Features And Efficiency Are Known As Functionality Cookies. Cookies That Help Provide Usage Reporting Information Or Personalization Of Advertisements, Are Known As Analytics Cookies, Or Advertising Cookies. Cookies Required To Provide Functionality To A Website Or Online Service Are Known As Essential Cookies. Other Than Classification Based On The Tasks Cookies Help Perform, Cookies Can Also Be Classified Depending On How Long The Data Files Stay Or Your Computer Or Mobile Device, Or The Origins Of The Data File. Session Cookies Stay On Your Computer Only While Your Browser Is Open And Are Deleted Once You Close Your Browser, While Persistent Cookies Remain On Your Computer Or Mobile Device After Your Browser Is Closed. Cookies Which Are Sent By The Website Or Online Service That Is Being Used Are Known As First-Party Cookies, And Cookies Sent By Websites Or Online Services Other Than The Website Or Online Service Being Used Are Known As Third-Party Cookies. How Trail's Head Uses Cookies Trail's Head Uses First-Party Cookies To Help Deliver Content To Users, And To Help Provide Your User Experience. A Combination Of First-Party Cookies And Third-Party Cookies Are Used To Assist In Collecting Information About User Experience, As Well As Help Provide Usage Reporting Information. Some Of The Cookies In Use By Trail's Head Are Required Essential Cookies, And Others Are Optional, Such As Those Used To Collect Information About Your User Experience, And To Provide Usage Reporting Information. Similar Technology Used Along With Cookies, Trail’s Head Also Uses Web Storage, A Technology Similar To Cookies. Web Storage Is Also Referred To As DOM Storage (Document Object Model Storage), And Provides Web Application Software Methods And Protocols Used For Storing Data In A Web Browser. Web Storage Supports Storage Of Data, Similar To Cookies, But With An Enhanced Capacity, And A Different Approach To Sending Data To, And Receiving Data From The User. Web Storage Is Used On Trail’s Head To Store User Specific Information, Deliver Personalized User Specific Content, And Perform Basic Functions Within Trail's Head Features. Your Control Over These Technologies By Visiting The Cookie Manager, The Permissions Of Cookies That Are Nonessentially Delivered While Using Trail's Head Can Be Changed. Usage Of Web Storage Is A Requirement By Using Trail's Head, However All Of The Information Which Is Stored On Trail's Head Using Web Storage Can Be Managed Throughout The Trail's Head User Interface. By Clearing Your Browsers History And Browsing Data, The Information Stored Using Web Storage Is Deleted, As Well As Any Cookies Previously Sent To Your Mobile Device Or Computer.