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Trail's Head helps browse the internet as a multi-search engine, and organizes your online content, across any device!

Trail Terms And Conditions Published Tuesday August 15th, 2017
General Trail's Head Is A Website And Internet Application, Free To Use, And The Software In Use On This Site Is Patent Pending. Some Graphics And Images Used, Which Includes Trademarks, Branding Imagery, And Logos, Have Been Found In The Public Domain, And Have Been Edited To Satisfy The Specifications Of This Website And Application. Your Information Any Information Which You Provide Is Yours, Excluding Your Search Inputs, And You Are Allowed To Change Any Information At Anytime Except Your Username, And Birthday. By Deleting Your Account, All Of Your Account And User Information Is Deleted, However Information Collected From Your Previously Submitted Search Inputs Is Not. What Is Done With Your Information? Although Trail's Head Is Free For Anyone To Use, The Information And Data Generated By Trail's Head Users, And Trail's Head Itself Are Not. Information And Data Generated From This Application, Website, And Its Users Is Managed By Trail's Head Analytics, Where Information Is Securely Handled And Organized. What Is Done With Your Search Inputs? When Your Search Input Is Processed, Your Input Is Redirected To The Search Engine You Have Requested To Use, And Your Input Is Archived, Along With Your Location, Time Of Input, And Some Of Your User And Account Information. Once Archived The Data Generated From Your Search Input Is Further Revised To Completely Censor Your Personal Identifying Characteristics.